BlackBerry Passport: More Strong Reviews (and Converts, too!)

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Inside BlackBerry

Three weeks ago, the BlackBerry Passport made its debut, and the reviews are still coming in, with more to come as it launches in other regions. Reviewers are discovering for themselves what “being different” can bring to the table, and a few are even having “conversion experiences” where their preconceptions were blown out of the water.

bb passport table

Take the case of Richard Goodwin of smartphone-centric site Know Your Mobile. He writes:

  • “I didn’t want to like this handset. I had A LOT of preconceptions about the way it looked, switching back to a physical keyboard, and having to use BB10 for a week or more for the purpose of this review. Like a lot of people, I’d made my mind up about the Passport without even using it–– and this was wrong. Like all new ideas, once you’ve accustomed yourself to its ways you feel right at home…

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