vnBB10 – Utility for Side-load app from bar files into BlackBerry 10 and get Hardware ID

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As we know, applications for BlackBerry 10 are installed by two ways: via BlackBerry World and Side-load app from .bar file. Along with support for running Android applications (apk) is converted to. bar on the BB10 so the installation (side-load) .bar file on BB10 is an essential need. This vnBB10 utility designed to help you install and manage applications from the .bar files is easy.

Besides, the utility also allows you to see all the information about your BB10 devices such as: Model, Hardware ID, IMEI, Serial Number, PIN … Especially Hardware ID, because this parameter can not be viewed directly on the BB10, and it is essential if you plan to install the Offline operating system for BB10 by Autoload file.


  • A computer running Windows XP or later
  • Java Runtime Environment, if not, download from here: JRE 7 from Oracle
  • Download and install vnBB10
  • BB10 has to enable Development Mode

Main screen, input IP Address and Password to connect to your BB10 device


Connected to your device, all device information that you need to know


Click button Install Apps if you want to sideload app from .bar files

  • Support Drag and Drop .bar files into the list, or click Add to insert .bar files
  • Clear all list of app, or right-mouse click to remove a selected item.
  • Install to begin side-load all app in the list
  • Back return back to main screen

Side-load with progress information for each app


Managing all applications that side-load into your BB10 device: click Manage Apps from main screen

  • You can Check Status of each application to know that it’s running or not
  • Close running app by click Terminate
  • Open a app by click Launch App
  • Remove/Erase app by click Uninstall


This Utility support PlayBook also.

2 thoughts on “vnBB10 – Utility for Side-load app from bar files into BlackBerry 10 and get Hardware ID

    eli said:
    29/03/2013 at 8:30 pm

    i get an error that i miss java on my pc but its not i just download it from here and cant open the app please help

    vnbb09 responded:
    03/04/2013 at 4:11 pm

    @eli you have to install java runtime environment first 🙂

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